Brew any 48 Litres of Regular Beer and Receive a set of bottles.

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Premium Beers

48 Litres - $100.00 (in bottles)
48 Litres - $130.00 (in cans)

Hochelaga Lager: A crisp refreshing lager. Traditionally the most popular style beer in Ontario.

Lakefront Lager: For someone looking for a lager with a good hoppy taste.

Red Beard Lite Lager: All the flavour, just less alcohol. Our most popular Lite Beer.

The Mirage: Medium bodied lager with a dry finish.

Referendum Ale: A golden coloured nicely malted ale.

Desert Storm Dry: Our most popular beer, Rich, Golden and Dry.

Barley's Cream Ale: Full bodied with a medium hop flavour.

Bratislava Pilsner: Traditionally European, heavy malted flavour.

Tartanian: Dark and rich with a strong hop flavour.

Specialty Beers

48 Litres - $110.00 (in bottles)
48 Litres - $140.00 (in cans)

High Test: Great Flavour, 7% Alcohol. Handle with care.

Sir Sheffield's Stout: Our Award winning Oatmeal Molasses Stout

Bumblebee Ale: A unique 4% Honey & Ginger taste sensation

James Blondebock: Not for the faint hearted, full bodied and malty.

London Smog: A copper coloured English Ale with medium bitterness.

Bombay Diamond: A deep red colour with a delicious roasted taste.

Buckingham Ale: Our most popular English Ale.

IPA Style: Solid Hoppy flavour and aroma.

Barrel Brew: Fermented with Hungarian Oak chips.

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