It is up to each individual client as to how involved they become in the brewing process. We encourage your participation, but require at a minimum that each customer adds the yeast, bottles their own product and signs a production tag. We would appreciate 1 day notice to prepare your product for bottling.

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Since 1989 we have been helping people produce great beer. Our recipes have withstood the test of time and our credentials have been acquired through years of quality beer and thousands of satisfied clients. As Durham Region's Original On-Premise Brewery, we offer our pristine facility and aged reputation of quality as two of the countless reasons we are the leaders in our field.

A batch will yield 6 cases of 24 355ml cans. The canning process takes about 50 minutes. Product must be stored in a fridge and will last 60 days. Cans are recyclable but not reusable. $130

A batch will yield 4 cases of 24 500ml plastic bottles. Plastic bottles can be washed and are reuseable. This product should be stored in a fridge to ensure shelf life of 60 days. Starting at $130
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